As COVID-19 continues to impact the world, keeping our peace of mind is vital. What is happing? How can we coop with the situation? How can we find strength and continue to live our lives at times of uncertainty and doubts?

As many of you know, I don't usually go public for predictions of global events, but I do my decent share of astrological calculations, and I feel a deep need to share with you some patterns I noticed global-and-countries-wise.

Let's start with the basics: the year of 2020 reducts to 4. The number 4 relates to work and health. After playful, creative three, comes a year of building up resources, adjusting structures, and strengthening security foundations. Keywords for the four are law, order, and regulation. The four thoroughly examine situations and make judgments based on reason.

The number 6 comes up as a personal year for three countries - the United States, China, and Italy.

Six represent the "Law and Order." It's a number of the adjustment and clean-up. Just like we spring-clean our closets, our planet, and social structures must readjust themselves on the sixth year. It sweeps away things we hold dear, just like a rain clears up the atmosphere. Wars, catastrophic events, mass infections are the way our planet maintains its health. Six is a perfect number, symmetrical in all parts, and for perfection, it aims. It's karmic, not in the sense of punishment but in the sense of becoming more reliable, compassionate, generous, and trustworthy. Six is a vibration of love. If not for six, we wouldn't grow in love and appreciation for each other. We wouldn't be thankful for life nor for all the beautiful things we often take for granted.

Some of us today are facing the most profound human fear, a fear of dying. Some of us are sick; many are scared of losing their loved ones. We fear losses; we fear changes; we are humans. How do we hold on and build up strength during these dark times? We do our best and make sense of what doesn't. The wheel of time keeps moving.

As we look at the order of developing events, it seems that Covid-19 is a reason for the uprising recession. Some say that this recession will turn into the global depression, but hold on, please. The economy is up to be restructured, but the pandemic stands along as an event; it has been in the "air" since September 27, 2019, when Rahu entered the constellation of Ardra.

Ardra takes 14 degrees of Gemini and literally means "virus." Most system administrators, hackers, and McAfee developers have planets in this constellation. They deal with security and security breaches in the computer systems. The symbol is a "tear." Tears clean our eyes. Tears wash away harmful irritants. Storms clean our earth. Under Ardra, microbes and viruses are thriving. Ardra deals with technology, including biotechnology. It deals with viruses of any kind, from computer viruses to biological cell-parasites.

In February, Ketu in Mula, with a sharp Mars' influence, caused a severe outbreak of the infection. Mula constellation is destructive; it also tied to pharmaceuticals; it looks into the unknown, unseen realms beneath the earth's surface. Viruses have always been difficult to pigeonhole. Are viruses alive, or they are just chemical structures that break the DNA code of cells? It comes back to the question of what exactly defines "life"? It's the prime question of Mula that digs deep into the root of any problem (Mula or Moola translates as a "root.")

Historically, Rahu and Ketu in the Ardra/Mula have been seen between February 27 and October 3, 2001. The Nine Eleven happened at the time Ketu conjunct Mars in Mula, with Moon, Rahu, and Jupiter in Ardra. Jupiter, with Rahu, stands for strong religious beliefs. Mula, on the other hand, is self-destructive (suicidal, perhaps.) This year of 2020, nodes turned 180 degrees - Jupiter is with Ketu and an isolated Rahu on another side. Jupiter in Saggitarius enlightens everything it touches; it doesn't let Ketu destroy itself (nor us) but to seek the root of a problem and to find a cure for the unknown.

As at the end of March, we are waiting for time, when Rahu and Ketu leave demonic constellations, and Saturn, Pluto, and Mars stop looking at them like a "what-s-wrong-with-your-immune-system." Ketu will be left along on March 30th. It's still strong in Mula, but it doesn't receive destructive electricity from Pluto, Saturn, or Mars anymore. It means April will bring some improvements if not precise clarity yet.

The main breakage of a situation starts on April 24, 2020. Sun enters Ashwini, the healing constellation. Rahu and Ketu will move one step back. Angelic Mrigashira brings relief and healing, travel, and entrepreneurship. It's a very cautious constellation, but also full of light, adventure, and excitement.

Everything in the universe makes sense. Donald Trump has three planets in Mrigashira - Sun, Rahu, and Uranus. There must be a correlation. His Rahu and Sun align with transiting Rahu on October 12, 2020 (as for most people born in 1946) following by the November 3 presidential election day. Every one of us has a mission in life. Is the Covid-19 break-through will complete Donald Trump's special mission? We will see it soon.

It is also worth mentioning that the United States birth chart has a stellium of planets in Gemini with Venus and Jupiter in Ardra. Pluto and Ketu in Capricorn, and Saturn in Virgo. Italy's chart is also affected. I wouldn't go further into details, just want to mention there are intense transits countries-wise.

That's a Covid-19 progression. Another important question we are all asking today, what will happen to our economy?

In astrology, the planet responsible for structure, order, and defense is Saturn. On January 25, 2020, Saturn entered the Capricorn sign; it's home residence. The lesson of Saturn is to find the strength to hold on in times of limitations and restrictions.

Last time, Saturn hit Capricorn in May 1990. It's been transiting there with Rahu for the following year, which can be partially attributed to the early 1990s recession in the United States, and a loss of 1.623 million jobs. The prime losses occurred in the construction and manufacturing industries (Capricorn) that were excessively overbuilt since the 1980s. Also, defense, Saturn arena, downsized for 240,000 jobs. Cutbacks spilled over into transportation, exports, wholesale, trade (Aquarius.) Once Rahu left Capricorn in 1991, the economy slowly recovered. It was a short recession; it ended once Saturn left Capricorn and went off the Rahu's grid.

18,6 years later, Saturn makes a full round and enters Capricorn sign on January 25, 2020. On February 25, it joins Pluto, the planet of transformation. From March 30 up to May 5, this combination generates an enormous amount of energy by conjoining Jupiter and Mars. We have three top-performing planets in the conjunction - exalted Mars with its higher octave Pluto and at-home Saturn. There is nothing easy about this powerful planetary stellium. Saturn's lesson is to limit excesses. It's a planet of survival. Pluto transforms and empowers. Mars in Capricorn has a bold plan to execute orders and bring us to the next level. Jupiter, in Capricorn, has faith in the social order.

Saturn is not sentimental; he stands for strength, not weaknesses; it wants us to develop survival skills and to build solid foundations. Mars isn't scared of cuts and bruises; he's willing to die for what is right. Jupiter and Mars's conjunction brings us face to face to oblivion. It's a rollercoaster thrill when you are slowly climbing towards the first drop, and in a split of a second, find yourself on a top of a cliff. Those who have Jupiter-Mars conjunction in their birth charts, know that on the edge of death is when you feel the most alive.

Saturn and Mars play with our fears. It hijacks our psyche. It deepens our prime instincts. Since September, there was a lot of confusion and media speculations about structures and governments, caused by shady nodes aspecting Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. It slowed down after March 23, 2020, when leading players have left Saggitarius. Now we are looking at the restructuration of the existing systems. Saturn travels through its strong positions for the next five years, up to March 2025. A lot of social structures are due to change. We are due to change. For the better.

It's time to focus on things that are the most important; people we love; projects that must be carried on no matter what. Don't let confusion and fear push you down. It's time to find your strength, define your core, learn to give up things and attitudes that hold us back. Please, stay safe and sound. We are in the quarantine zone, but the isolation helps us to realize how connected we are, what is valuable, and what is not, highlight our strengths and weaknesses. There is no end, but always the continuation of life.